Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My kids love water bottles. I'm serious --we have like a million of them. Short, tall, plastic, aluminum, with a straw, without a straw...you get the picture. Why so many? I don't know--maybe because they're inexpensive, shiny, have a cool logo, etc. Besides, we're supposed to drink plenty of water each day...right? But do we really need 50 of them? It drives April crazy. This summer we bought more. Well...this time we invested in more. What I mean is that we put our money towards a high quality product--the Yeti style cups. You know...the super strong, shiny, attractive stainless steel tumblers that keep your beverages ice cold for a really long time. I researched them and watched the comparison videos...and you know what? They work. They really work. I've had ice last overnight in mine. Great for coffee, too. Sure we spent a little more, but we got more in return. We got a great product that delivers above and beyond my original expectations. That's what I want...that's what we all want. High quality, affordable, and delivering more than what we originally expected. This is why April and I chose our to build a team around the right people and work with a company that possesses those same attributes. The time is right to get onboard. Now, who needs some water bottles? Which would you choose?